Dr. Detlev Richter
Global Head of Industrial and Energy Products at TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

16. März 2022

Track 1 - Empolis Service Express®

Smart Safety – data and hazard-driven digital decision process (ENGLISH)


The presentation describes the elements to enable context-sensitive safety solutions to increase productivity and ensure compliance for dynamic applications. Transformation of safety information – today part of the safety case – into the digital twin and especially into the communication rules between digital twins is one opportunity to ensure trustworthiness based on run-time monitoring and inspections. Real time optimization of mission-critical systems can ensure greatest utility for the owner of the factory and answers the questions why do we need context-sensitive safety based on digital twins. The smart factory system architecture requires a capability to handle data and hazards generated with the required trustworthiness in dynamic situation within an incomplete world. The presented Digital Safety Twin system architecture combined with a knowledge graph offers a solution into the direction of autonomous production systems.