Christian Geiger
Director Marketing Communication at Endress+Hauser Group Services AG

16. März 2022

Track 2 - Empolis Content Express®

Content Management and Content Delivery as a contribution of Technical Communication to the digital transformation of industrial companies (ENGLISH)


Digitization is urging manufacturers of products and services to come up with new solutions for the provision of information. This trend will also permanently change technical communication; the reason for this is simple: digitization of technical information creates completely new possibilities for presentation than just using it in PDFs or printed form. Soon, content will be available via media such as smartphones, apps or so-called wearables (i.e. data goggles, smart watches, …) but also by means of augmented reality, bots, etc. and thus made tangible in a new way. Intelligent holistic concepts for information transfer, the structured development as well as an automated provision of content are the basis for Industry 4.0 – the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – to become reality in the first place. This requires intelligent content management systems that are able to combine topic-oriented information units dynamically and context-oriented into specific information products without the need for active human intervention. This presentation will show what such an approach looks like, what added value modularized information processing can provide, and how technical communication can contribute to the digital transformation of industrial companies … and thus to their business success … in the future.